3 Management Mistakes That Crush Innovation

John Kotter  - Kotter International helps leaders deliver transformational change ( Imagine this situation: Orders are stacking up at your company so quickly that the three people you have in fulfillment are overwhelmed. To remedy this problem you start limiting marketing to reduce demand. Sounds like self-sabotage, right? Naturally this would lead to a loss of market [...]

How to Get Your Employees to Think Strategically

BY Will Yacowicz (Article posted 10 Feb 2014 – Studies show that strategic thinking is the most important element of leadership. But how do you instill the trait in others at your company? What leadership skill do your employees, colleagues, and peers view as the most important for you to have? According Robert Kabacoff, the vice [...]

How to lose great leaders? Ask the Army

By Tim Kane, Published: February 5, 2013 ( The U.S. military is one of America’s premier leadership factories. But the product it manufactures is in decline. Seven years ago, the number of young officers willing to recommit after their initial tours of duty dropped precipitously. Before the Iraq war, three-quarters of Army officers stayed for a [...]

The End of Leadership

I recently read an outstanding book on the ‘state of leadership’ and the ‘leadership industry’ written by Barbara Kellerman of Harvards’ Kennedy School of Government entitled “The End of Leadership” Kellerman pulls no punches in her critique of both what is being cited as leadership and what is being taught about leadership. Never before has [...]

Exceed Customer Expectations—and Get Home for Family Dinner

Fifteen years ago, Lori Patterson—a self-professed “accomplish-aholic”—walked away from a Fortune 500 company to join the ranks of the unemployed. She was done; she had finished working under a dysfunctional and disconnected system of leaders who took advantage of committed professionals by constantly moving the finish line and exerting their power rather than sharing it. [...]