Why You Lead Determines How Well You Lead

by Tom Kolditz – 22 July 2014 One of the most telling questions you can ask someone in any kind of leadership role is what motivates them to be a better leader. Some will say it’s to enhance their personal effectiveness, or that leading is an expected part of their professional development. Others may say […]

How will you Measure your Life?

Clayton M Christensen, James Allworth, Karen Dillon   A short précis  Pete Laburn   For the past 12 years I have been facilitating leadership development programs that have endeavored to help delegates grow their understanding of who they are, their life purpose and how this might reflect on their ideal approach to leadership. I have […]

Strategy Is Not about the Competition

By Ken Favaro – April 28, 2014 The concept of strategy originates in war, where the objective is to destroy the enemy. In business, if the enemy is your competitor, then the objective of strategy must be to crush the competition. Michael Porter gave academic standing to this way of thinking when he made popular […]

Are You Ready to Lose Control?

by Eric J. McNulty Source: Control: It’s the essence of management. We’re trained to measure inputs, throughputs, and outputs in hopes of increasing efficiency and producing desired results. In a world of linear processes, such as in the factories of the Industrial Age, that made sense. But in today’s knowledge economy, where enterprises are […]

3 Management Mistakes That Crush Innovation

John Kotter  - Kotter International helps leaders deliver transformational change ( Imagine this situation: Orders are stacking up at your company so quickly that the three people you have in fulfillment are overwhelmed. To remedy this problem you start limiting marketing to reduce demand. Sounds like self-sabotage, right? Naturally this would lead to a loss of market […]